High School Preparatory Team

Round 1 of Tryouts: Dec 13 – Dec 17. Daily start time: session 1 – 3:30 and session 2 – 4:30P. Format: small groups up to 4 players.

Round 2 of Tryouts: Week of Dec 20. Start time: TBD. Format: group/team.

Prep Team Methodology

As a 13U eligible player entering the 8th grade, this year of club baseball is critical in your preparation for the demands of high school competition. The greatest physical demands for you when moving to a regulation sized field will be arm strength and endurance as well as leg strength and speed. With 90 foot base paths and 60 1/2 foot pitching rubber to plate lengths your arm can be challenged in way you just are not ready for. This Prep program is designed to address those issues with a progressive strategy that includes an intermediate step-up in field size in the Fall before going to the full sized field in the Spring. This strategy will allow your body to adjust to the larger field as you get ready to enter into the 9th grade. 

Our team will compete in 13U Majors as well as 14U AAA events in the Fall, primarily on 54’/80′ fields and in the Spring, exclusively on 60.5’/90′ fields. Boys will be given time to learn the game on the big field incrementally as their bodies develop through our conditioning and arm care programs. 

Professional Coaching

  • coaches who have a passion for developing talent while adhering to our standards of sportsmanship.   
  • Our teams consist of paid coaches who design an implement practices, manage games, and handle all instruction.

Competition –

  • This team is seeking the best competition to ensure maximum exposure.  
  • We will play in various USSSA/NCS/Arizona Premiere events in the local and surrounding area.
  • We believe in developing the player and increasing the potential. 

Our goal is to prepare our young athletes for the next level whether it be middle school, high school, or college.

Tryout specifics

Round #1 Baseball Skill  and Athletic profile acquisition (In doors)

Individual data will be collected on the following:

  • Timed 30 yd dash
  • 5-10-5 shuttle run, broad jump, vertical jump 
  • Exit Velo, distance, hard hit average to all fields
  • Arm Velo
  • Defensive skills: OF’s arm velo, C’s pop- time & arm velo, IF’s ground balls and throwing accuracy). Pitcher Only’s will throw a 12-15 pitch bullpen with recorded velocities. 

Round #2 Invitation Only – On field evaluation.

  • Game situations. Defense, Hitting, Baserunning. All players will also take part in batting practice either off of a machine or coach.